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Improve Your Pet's Health

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Does you cat or dog need a haircut? Paws & Reflect Pet Salon offers cat and dog grooming sessions that will leave your pet happier and healthier.

Dog and cat grooming prices depend on your pet's breed, size, coat and temperament. During your pet's grooming session, we'll:

  • Trim their toenails
  • Clean their ears
  • Brush their teeth
  • Cut their hair
  • Express their anal glands

  • Your pet will look and feel it's best when they leave our pet salon.

    Contact us right away to schedule your dog or cat for a professional grooming session.

    Top 5 reasons to have your pet groomed

    1. It allows skin conditions and abnormalities to be identified and treated
    2. It can improve your pet's appearance without causing harm
    3. It ensures that your pet's nails are kept at the proper length
    4. It will keep their coat and skin healthy
    5. It will reduce shedding
    Choose Paws & Reflect Pet Salon for your dog or cat's grooming session. We offer Cat Grooming that includes lion cuts as well.